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What is Full Psycle?

Full Psycle is an indoor cycling experience like no other! We combine rhythm-based indoor cycling, weight training and performance measurement to create the most dynamic, efficient, effective and exciting full-body workout in fitness today!

The Full Psycle experience incorporates an exhilarating 45-minute full-body cycling workout from start to finish, where you can expect to burn between 550-900 calories. Lead by our world class Psycle Squad, you’ll ride hills, flats and intervals while moving to the beat of the music and simultaneuosly toning your abs, arms, back, shoulders, chest and core! Our personal achievement system tracks your performance statistics (power, RPMs, heart rate, calories burned) and allows fun in-class competitions like doubling your 30 second score in 1 minute, working with your team to race other teams, and beating your best-ever 3 minute total energy (a test we do every class called PTP)! Once class is over your stats are emailed to you and tracked in your online account, showing you the calories you burned, the energy you generated, and allowing you to set and achieve goals in your next class!

Having your metrics displayed is optional of course, but once you experience it, we think you won’t want to ride any other way!

What is full-body cycling and what makes Full Psycle’s full-body cycling workout different from others?

We’re glad you asked! Full-body cycling is a fast-growing workout concept that incorporates standard indoor cycling routines (hills, flats, intervals) with upper body strength training. At most full-body cycling studios, the upper body is an afterthought. At Full Psycle, we incorporate upper body into everything we do! If you’re not doing push-ups, you’re moving side to side, or up and back, or doing figure 8s, or hi-lows, or crunches, or lifts, or hi-5s, low-5s, shoulder taps, triangles, tap backs or any one of many other FP choreo moves! And when you’re not doing those, you’re lifting hand weights and doing curls, lifts, presses, extensions, crunches, or punches!

And when you’re not doing those you’re using our performance tracking system for fun competitions like doubling your 30 second score in 1 minute, working with your team to race other teams, and beating your best-ever 3 minute total energy (a test we do every class called PTP)!

Full Psycle is fitness unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Do you offer a discounted first class and/or a special for new clients?

Of course we do! Depending on the location, we offer new clients an opportunity to experience Full Psycle at a ridiculously special price. Whether you’re a first-timer or a hardcore cyclist, we promise you’re in for the most exhilarating calorie-burning, heart-pumping ride of your life. Contact your nearest Full Psycle studio for details on various new rider specials.

Do you have a referral program?

Absolutely! And we pay for you for it too!

Log into your Full Psycle account.
Click Refer a Friend.
Share your personal referral link to Facebook or Twitter from our site or enter a friend’s e-mail and click Send.
Once your referral take three paid classes*, we’ll place $15 in Psycle Bucks in your account you can use to purchase classes, apparel, merchandise, drinks or anything else we sell!!
Refer unlimited friends! The more the merrier!
*Referrals must sign up using your custom referral link.

When does the schedule come out?

Our class schedule comes out every Sunday at 5pm for the following week (Monday through Sunday). For example, on Sunday February 17th at 5pm the schedule will be posted online and you will be able to reserve classes from Monday, February 18th through Sunday, February 24th. Full Psycle classes fill up quick so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as the schedule goes live!!

Is Full Psycle for beginners?

Full Psycle is for everyone! Whether you’re training or toning, our proprietary workout concept was created to ensure the ultimate indoor cycling experience for every level of fitness, including beginners!

Think of Full Psycle as riding a bike, only inside and way more fun! Best part… we’ve incorporated full-body exercises that are both challenging and satisfying to give riders of all levels a calorie-torching workout unlike any other!

Stop by any location or fill out a Contact Us form for more information!

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes life happens and you need to cancel. Most of our studios require 12 hour notice to avoid getting a late cancel or no show charge, but please contact your local studio for their specific cancellation policy.

To cancel your ride, simply log into your account, click MY RESERVATIONS, then click “unreserve”. We apologize but we do not accept cancellations via phone, email, SMS, DM, SnapChat, telegram or UPS. The only way to cancel your ride is via your online account.

How do I cancel my membership?

Our cancellation policy differs depending on the location where you purchased your membership. To cancel, select your studio, then fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page with your cancellation request. We do not take cancellations via the phone or via email; cancellations must be made using the Contact Us form. **All sales are final and refunds will not be provided if the membership cancellation is not received before the membership renews.**

Can I freeze my monthly membership account temporarily?

Yes, you can! We allow you to freeze your membership account up to 2x per year, and it must be for a minimum of 30 days. Please contact your local studio for details. All freeze requests must be made in writing.

Can I get a refund for rides I have purchased?

All ride package and membership sales are final. In certain circumstances we can provide store credit. To request store credit, please select your studio here, then send your request via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

What is your waitlist policy?

If the class if full, you have the option to sign up for our waitlist. As bikes open up, our booking system gives them away automatically to riders on the waitlist, in order of when they put themselves on it. You can always see your place on the waitlist by logging in and clicking MY RESERVATIONS.

Do I need cycling shoes?

We do require riders to wear cycling shoes. If you don’t have cycling shoes, we provide complimentary rentals. Sure, some of them look funny, but ask any hardcore cyclist – the shoes make a world of difference, allowing you to tone all of the muscles in your legs by pushing AND lifting!

Our pedals are compatible with LOOK Delta, SPD and SPD-SL cleats. LOOK Keo cleats are NOT compatible with our pedals

How many calories will I burn?

We thought you’d never ask! A LOT!! In a typical 45-minute Full Psycle class, riders will burn between 550-900 calories. And, unlike other cycling studios, we don’t just say that; we prove it through our performance analytics.

Because cutting-edge technology plays a key part in the Full Psycle experience, you’ll receive an estimated calorie count via email after each class, provided you have entered your weight in your online account. To do so, simply login and click MY INFO!

What do I need to bring?

Three things- 1) yourself, 2) something to drink and 3) a positive attitude and desire to have a great time! We’ll handle the rest, including complimentary cycling towels, post-class chilled eucalyptus towels and a water bottle refill station. And if you forget a drink or a water bottle, we have those as well! If you’re new to Full Psycle, please visit our What To Expect page!

Do you do private classes or group events?

For sure! We offer individual one-on-one classes or private group classes for teams, businesses, groups, clubs, etc upon request. Please send an email to your studio (studioxxxx@fullpsycle.com) or fill out a Contact Us form for more information about scheduling a private Full Psycle class

Where can I purchase Full Psycle apparel?

Currently only in studio, but very soon right here on this fab website!

Do you have showers?

All Full Psycle locations, with the except of Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, have showers! Exceptionally nice ones too, fully stocked with nourishing and luxurious shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and moisturizer made by Intelligent Nutrients! All products are formulated with pesticide-free materials in addition to being antioxidant-rich, lightweight, gluten free, vegan and certified organic.

I’ve heard cycling will make my legs bigger, is this true?

Negative!! Our proprietary workout is designed specifically to burn maximum calories and tone every part of your body: legs, arms, back, core, shoulders and chest! We’ll tone you up, not bulk you up!

I’m not sure if I should be doing physical activity. Can I take Full Psycle classes anyway?

Please check with your doctor before beginning any physical activity.

Is Full Psycle safe for someone who is pregnant?

While we are extremely proficient at diagnosing our own medical conditions on WebMD, we are not doctors—so please check with your (real) doctor before taking any of our classes. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

This was a great FAQ page but I still have questions.

We got you covered. Please email info@fullpsycle.com or click HERE to find a studio near you, fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!